Meet your new best friend MAVIS...

An intelligent, cloud-based software application specially developed by MWL Systems as a property services management tool. MAVIS will help you organise or allocate work in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Job giving you a headache?

Well, MAVIS has the cure. She is the single most powerful resource for logging, scheduling and tracking the hundreds if not thousands of work requests for any number of properties in any given month that you might receive. MAVIS ensures that jobs are completed in just eight simple steps, including producing the reports needed for charging, auditing and performance purposes.

Things at home still not fixed?

Then your landlord and his workforce haven't met MAVIS yet. If they had, the man who’d come to fix your dripping tap wouldn't have turned up when you’d nipped out to the shops! You wouldn't be tired chasing your landlord to arrange another appointment and MAVIS would be your new best friend too.

Under pressure to reduce costs?

Just wait until you see how MAVIS can help. Her expertise as a property services management tool for not only keeping a track of potentially spiralling repairs costs, but also improving communication with your tenants will be invaluable when dealing with your biggest challenges in this difficult economic climate.

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